Epic Espresso

Epic Espresso


A light roast espresso.

If you're looking for an incredibly sweet, clean espresso with floral notes and bright acidity, this is definitely for you. Epic is roasted on the lighter side to highlight these characteristics.

Epic Espresso is the culmination of our search for the sweetest and most complex espresso we can create. We work every day to improve it - always looking for the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity.

As of April 5th, 2016 Epic Espresso consists of:

Ethiopia Biftu Gudina

    • Local Heirloom  
    • 1850 - 2000 m.a.s.l.

    Here are the parameters that we've been using with our latest Epic Espresso (parameters for an 18g VST Precision Filter Basket)

      • 18 grams of freshly ground coffee
      • Timer for 28-32 seconds
      • Pull 40-41 grams of liquid espresso
      • Grouphead at 200° F
      • 7 bars of pressure

    Product Details

    • Producer: Varies
    • Country: Varies
    • Region: Varies
    • Elevation: Varies
    • Coordinates: Varies
    • Variety: Varies
    • Harvest Year: Current crop