Here's how it works:

Coffees that don't change are available as a subscription (Epic, Old School, Longitude 123° W, ect), but it wouldn't be reasonable to do that for the single origins since they rotate frequently with the seasons. 

That's where the single origin subscription comes in!




If you choose a Single Origin Filter subscription, you decide how many bags of coffee you would like delivered, and how often you would like that to happen. For example, if I don't go through too much coffee, I might choose 1 bag every 3 weeks. If I have a full house of coffee drinkers, I might choose 2 bags every 2 weeks. In order to get a bit of a break with shipping costs, we've given a bit of a discount on subscription orders.



Creating a login is the way to manage your subscription. If you go on vacation, you can pause the subscription, then pick up where you left off. If you find you need more or less coffee, you can adjust that as well. You are in complete control of your own personalized coffee program.