Santa Barbara Sampler

Is it the microclimate? The way Yojoa lake interacts with the mountains, entrenching coffee in cooling mist, slowing down maturation, building sweet, dense fruit? Is it the meticulous work of people picking? The varieties? Countless factors make the coffees of Santa Barbara, Honduras among the most captivating Central American lots we work with.

Natividad (El Ocotillo) is planting more Pacas, and additional hectares of his farm are finally coming into full production. It looks GOOD so far. Ramon’s farm (La Benedicion) bounced back from leaf rust damage in a commendable way. He was ruthless with his pruning a couple years ago, and with a couple years to recover, the coffee is finally back to normal yields. For Martir (Finca Bonanza), the quality we tasted from him in Honduras has been preserved, in part as a result of our collaborative drying project we completed last year. We are so happy to partner with people who are likeminded about trying new things, taking calculated risks to improve quality and to grow as producers.

These 3 vibrant coffees from Santa Barbara, Honduras show off just how special this producing region is. Two 12 oz bags of filter coffee and one 12 oz bag of Single Origin Espresso provide a taste of the diversity of flavour that exists in the region. The Pacas variety is especially exciting - There is nowhere else in the world that this dwarf Bourbon variety tastes this unique from what we’ve found. We are so excited to share these coffees with you this holiday season as a part of our coffee gift set!

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