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Get a free mug with purchase over orders $100+. Use code "coffeeDAY' at checkout.
Get a free mug with purchase over orders $100+. Use code "coffeeDAY' at checkout.
Specialty Coffee Capsules: Café experience at home with the press of a button

Specialty Coffee Capsules: Café experience at home with the press of a button

Why We Made The Specialty Coffee Capsules

We are constantly brainstorming ideas for people to have the 49th parallel cafe experience at the convenience of their home and easier access to more people in different ways. With the rising popularity of Nespresso® machines, we came up with another home brewing method idea. 

Two years ago, we had an idea to come up with a coffee product where consumers can extract great tasting espresso by the press of a button. We have tasted coffees from different regions of the world, cupped with various grind settings, tested thousands of capsules to replicate our cafe experience in your home. After years of trials and planning with coffee experts, we have finally landed a product with the highest quality coffee in capsule format. 


How It Came to Life

We've been busy cupping and evaluating coffee from different regions for the past two years to choose the most desirable flavour for the pre-packaged product. We collaborated with Joe's Garage Coffee to test various factors such as roasting level, coffee density, degassing time, and weight to produce the highest quality coffee capsules.

After countless hours of testing and planning (Quality control team, Roasting team, Sales team, design team, Production team from Joes' Garage, and Packaging specialist from GLBC), we are proud to announce the launch of the first Specialty Coffee Capsules in Canada. With this innovative product from 49th Parallel, you can enjoy Specialty coffee with the press of a button, bringing the local café experience home. 


A Few Things to Note

  • 49th Parallel specialty coffee capsules are ONLY compatible with Nespresso® OriginalLine® machines and are not compatible with VertuoLine® machines.

  •  We are offering two capsules with different tasting notes. (Components will vary by season) 

    • Common Ground: A blend from Brazil and Colombia. Well-balanced espresso with a medium to full body with chocolate, caramel, and raisin notes with a nice nutty finish. 

    • Déjà vu: A single-origin organic coffee from Peru. Mellow espresso with milk chocolate, almond, and brown sugar note with a nice long lingering aftertaste. 

  • For the best experience of 49th Parallel Capsules, shake the capsule for 3-5 seconds with a 22-28 ml wet mass.

  •  How to program the water volume on your Nespresso® OriginalLine® Machine (Refer to manufacturer’s guide for complete instructions)

    1. Turn on the machine and insert the capsule
    2. Place a cup and press to hold down the Solo button while brewing. Release the button when the desired volume is reached.
  • With current technology, our specialty coffee capsules are safe to consume for ten months from the production date. Best before date acts as an indicator of optimal freshness, flavour, and aroma.

  • Joe's Garage Coffee is capable of nitrogen flushing. The use of materials with a high oxygen barrier will protect the coffee grounds and ensure long-lasting freshness. Store in a dry, cool place for freshness and do not keep the capsules in the refrigerator or the freezer. 

  • Capsules do not contain gluten nor any other allergens. "Chocolate" or "Nut" notes are tasting profiles of coffee beans and are not physically present in the capsules.


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