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Specialty Coffee Capsules

Specialty Coffee Capsules


1 Specialty Coffee Capsule, Nespresso® OriginalLine® Machine


For the best result, please program the water volume of your machine before use and clean the machine by running a water cycle before and after the extraction. Once you set up the water volume, you do not need to set it up again.


How to program the water volume on your Nespresso® OriginalLine® Machine (Refer to manufacturer’s guide for complete instructions)

 *Optimal yield is 22 ml - 28 ml

1. Turn on the machine and insert the capsule

2. Place a cup and press to hold down the Solo button while brewing. Release the button when the desired volume is reached.



Fill the water reservoir and turn on the machine by pressing the “Solo” or “Lungo” button.

(Lights will blink as the machine warms up. Once the machine is ready for use, the light will be on.) 



Shake the 49th Capsule for 2-3 seconds and then insert the capsule into the machine. (Shaking helps an even extraction.)



Place a cup on the tray and press the “Solo” button for extraction. (Recommended wet mass 22- 28 ml*)

* Please refer to machine manufacturer’s guide for brewing setting instruction.



Lift the lever to discard the used capsule into the tray.



Clean the machine by running water cycle. (This will slow down the coffee oil build up in the machine and improve the quality of your coffee.)


STEP 6 (Optional)

For a small Latte, froth or steam the milk (50ml).
Pour the steamed milk topped with a thin layer of frothed milk on the espresso shot.

For a small Americano, add hot water (50ml).



1. Once the capsule has cooled, remove the top and bottom foils and dispose.

2. Compost or discard the coffee grounds.

3. Put the empty capsule in your recycling bin.*

*Please check with your local municipality for recycling restrictions.


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