Coffee Stories by 49th Parallel // Podcast Episode 01

We’ve launched a podcast!

Expect one researched, produced episode a month from us as we dip our toes into storytelling in a podcast format.

‘Coffee Stories by 49th Parallel’ is meant to lift the curtain on how we source, as well as dive into aspects of coffee production and life that are on the periphery. The stories told in these episodes are meant to bring a little more context to the coffee you drink from 49th Parallel, and will hopefully inspire you to think about both the coffee in your cup, and those who had a hand in making it. Please subscribe on iTunes, Google Play, or Tune In (Alexa, Amazon), and if you like what you hear, please rate us so we can get these stories to as many people as possible. 

Coffee Stories by 49th Parallel

Episode 01 - On Colombia and Sourcing with Tyler Youngblood

Narratives from the flipside of your morning cup - These are real and compelling stories from coffee movers and shakers, who had the courage and passion to share what it really takes to bring beautiful seasonal coffees worth celebrating into our lives everyday.

What does a ghost writer working remotely in Argentina have in common with one of the most up and coming specialty coffee exporters in Latin America?

This kickoff episode is an interview I had with Tyler in his Bogotá apartment, with a whole lot of activity outside - a yelling Tamale vendor, a truck parade, the cyclo via a road shut down for cyclists on Sunday morning - All before I had to catch my flight to Peru that morning.

He had a wild story to share about how he got into specialty coffee. We focused our conversation on traceability and fair pricing structures decoupled from the C market.

Key Links for this Episode:

Map Detailing Tyler's trip through South America 

our Transparency Update


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