Coffee Stories by 49th Parallel // Podcast Episode 02

For this episode, you're a fly on the wall in a couple family kitchens, catching a glimpse of life in the coffee lands. In episode 2 we go to two different kitchens in Nariño, first with the Palacios family, as Maria Alejandrina makes the famous Sandoná woven hats, and then in the kitchen of Ana María in Tasnaque, where we talk about colonial history, and the rise of the smallholder farmer in the face of a government forced dissolution of haciendas - large estate owned parcels of land. This was a chaotic episode to produce and translate, with 5+ conversations all happening simultaneously in Carlos Palacios' and Maria Alejandrina's kitchen as we talk everything from how they got started farming coffee, to bus accidents, to woven hats that Maria has been making professionally for 13 years.

Key Links for this Episode:ón_de_la_Reforma_Agraria

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