Coffee Stories by 49th Parallel // Podcast Episode 03

Episode three brings us to a tiny town called Peña Blanca. Here, tucked into the rugged mountains are families who subsist off of their coffee crops. The coffees here are spectacular, especially the Pacas and Bourbon cultivars. In fact, there’s a few coffees on the menu at 49th right now that are great examples.

I talk to Benjamin Paz, who has been a conduit of positive change in his community, with more and more people interested in producing specialty coffee each harvest. A lot of the reason why the Honduran coffees at 49th are so spectacular is because of him, and so I’m happy to share our conversation we had on the phone last week with you all.

We talk about the rise of Peña Blanca and Santa Barbara as special growing regions. There's also some bonus content as Benjamin’s perspective as a first time coffee farmer.

This was a really fun episode to do for us, and especially relevant since we have a load of sweet Santa Barbara lots on the menu at the moment. Both our Holiday coffees are from Santa Barbara!

Key Links for this Episode:

Honduras Piedras Amarillas

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Our Holiday coffees are both from Santa Barbara!

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