• How To Make An Espresso

    Watch the video to see our straightforward approach to making delicious espresso, using quality tools to help you pull consistent shots.

    For all espresso we recommend the following parameters (for an

  • How Often Should I Change My Grinder Burrs?

    We contacted a bunch of grinder manufacturers and asked them how often the burrs on their grinders should be changed. We’ve put their recommendations into a chart for you below. Most espresso...

  • How we work with people

    The thing we cherish most about our sourcing program at 49th is that we work with many of the same producers each year. There have been spectacular harvests from our producer partners, and some not as spectacular, but still tasty....

  • A bit about processing

    Hopefully in the last couple weeks you've had a chance to try one of the new Ethiopian coffees we've had on offer. We released two at the same time, and they are both in fact the same coffee (from Dumerso...