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Coffees roasted to amplify sweetness, body, and intensity
  • Organic Espresso - 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters

    Organic Espresso

    Dried Dates Nougat Walnut


    10 reviews


    Description Organic Espresso is 49th's organic option for a medium-dark espresso roast. For this roast, we use rotating, seasonal coffees. For thos...

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  • Decaf Swiss Water Process - 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters

    Decaf Swiss Water Process

    Cashew Nutmeg Sugarcane

    from $20.00

    11 reviews


    DIRECT TRADE COFFEE Description The Swiss Water Process involves first soaking the coffee in pure water. The resulting green coffee extract is the...

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  • Best Seller

    Old School Espresso

    Caramel Dark Chocolate Nuts

    from $19.00

    74 reviews


    DIRECT TRADE COFFEE Description Old School Espresso is 49th's most traditional espresso, with a Pacific Northwest twist! Roasted medium-dark, highl...

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