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Black Friday Savings - Filter Coffees

  • New! Release

    Burundi Incuti

    Black Currant Cranberry Vanilla

    from $24.00

    1 review


    DIRECT TRADE COFFEE Description In this lot from Incuti, expect a classic washed bourbon profile of creamy vanilla sweetness, crisp red fruit acidi...

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  • Mexico Finca Huehuetepan

    Apple Cherry Juice Tamarind

    from $27.00


    Description Expect an ultra crisp and juicy cup in this lot from Finca Huehuetepan, with mouth watering notes of tamarind, cherry juice and a refre...

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  • Kenya Gatagua AA

    Blackberry Medjool Date Tangerine

    from $26.50

    4 reviews


    Description This is a fully washed AA lot coming from the Gatagua Farmer’s Cooperative Society. Grown in the producing area of Murang’a, Gatagua o...

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  • Indonesia Ribang Gayo

    Concord Grape Crisp Raspberry

    from $24.50

    1 review


    Description Ribang Gayo represents the work of Asman Arianto and the 350+ producers contributing to the Ribang Gayo Musara Cooperative in Sumatra, ...

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  • Longitude 123°W Blend - 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters
    Best Seller

    Longitude 123°W Blend

    Almond Apple Raisin

    from $20.00

    22 reviews


    DIRECT TRADE COFFEE Description Longitude 123°W is a medium light roast, created to be sweet and flavourful throughout the year, reflecting the fre...

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