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49th X Emily Sheppard Ceramic Coffee Cup

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This holiday season, we've teamed up with local pottery artist Emily Sheppard to bring you a very limited run of these stunning handcrafted ceramic coffee cups. These cups are handmade in Vancouver and thoughtfully designed with Emily with coffee drinkers in mind. Each one is unique, no two are the same - features are:

  • Speckled clay with a matte glazed in 49th's traditional mint colour and a raw stoneware base.
  • Slight swell bottom to keep coffee hot and easy on the hands to hold.
  • Painted stamp at the bottom of the cup with 49th logo X Emily's signature.
  • Volume of 8-10oz.

Cups are dishwasher safe. However, it is recommended to hand wash to avoid chipping in the dishwasher. NOTE: each mug is hand crafted, one of a kind and may have slight differences.

To learn more about Emily and her design process, see below. 

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Emily's Bio

    Emily Sheppard is an interdisciplinary artist, transplanted from South Western Ontario. She is a proud graduate of the Beal Art Program in London, Ontario and has received a diploma in fine arts from North Island College & a BFA from Emily Carr University. Currently, Sheppard is now happily working with the ceramics legend Glenn Lewis developing fun sculptural work, testing clay bodies/ceramic chemistry & working as a technician & instructor. She is thrives in a learning environment and enjoys sharing knowledge & infecting other curious minds at various maker spaces across the lower mainland including UBC Pottery club. “…Learning, is the best part of every day. I’m the first to share that I don’t know everything, which is great because challenges drive me to learn more. I am not afraid of hard work in life & find that the best work happens when I believe in myself.” To learn more about her work visit her website or via instagram @emilysheppardart
Q&A with Emily

We Asked Emily Some Questions to Get to Know Her More:

  • Question: What is your pottery design process?
  • Answer: Weighing out clay & prototyping forms is always my start. I make several forms so I can see them in 3D. Sketches are good but I like to see where my pots kiss the sky.

  • Question: What did you consider when creating 49th's ceramic coffee cup?
  • Answer: I considered that 49th’s following are passionate about coffee like I am. That their beverage moment needed to be intimate and special. I spent a lot of time burnishing the bottoms to make them smooth to the touch and creating a lip that would have a nice mouth feel. I also tested what felt like millions of beautiful blue colours to achieve that very distinct 49th Parallel colour. (TOP SECRET: it’s actually 2 glaze colours layered on top of the other!)

  • Question: What would you like to make next for 49th?
  • Answer: More cups for sure but of course, toast plates! Coffee and toast is a serious affair in my home.

  • Question: What do you do in your days off or what hobbies do you have?
  • Answer: Haha what time off? For me, ceramics and art is more of a lifestyle than a job. It has to be because I am at it every day for long hours. A highlight of every week for me though, is mentoring two young ladies Bella (14) & Andrea (16) at my studio. They keep me connected to what’s important: Making Art.

  • Question: Do you have any pets?
  • Answer: I have 2 big rescue dogs; Duke & Lady. Lady came to me when someone on the street threw a leash in my direction with the sweetest puppy on the other end and asking if I had a good home. The universe gifted her to me, I'm sure of it.

  • Question: How do you take your coffee?
  • Answer: Fresh and often with a splash of oat milk. (Love that oat milk is a thing now.)