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Sunday Morning Drinking Set

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Give the gift of Specialty Coffee this Mother's Day. We've got a special bundle for candle lovers and espresso drinkers. This set comes with a bag of 12oz Old School Espresso, a 49th X Frank Green Ceramic Travel Tumbler (colour: Harbour mist) 12oz, and a limited edition 49th X Mala The Brand Candle - Sunday Morning scent for $85 (value of $97.95). 

Developed in collaboration with Mala The Brand, we're excited to introduce 49th's first Coffee scented Candle in a limited run. Expect notes of sandalwood, lavender and apricot that’s sure to please that special someone in your life. 

Limited bundles available, sorry no coffee substitutions. 

 Learn more about Mala The Brand. 

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Product Details
  • 1 49th X Frank Green Ceramic Travel Tumbler (colour: Harbour mist) 12oz
  • 1 bag of Old School Espresso 12oz
  • 1 49th X Mala The Brand Candle - Sunday Morning
Coffee Details

Old School Espresso


Coffee Description:  Old School Espresso is 49th's most traditional espresso, with a Pacific Northwest twist! Roasted medium-dark, it highlights the sweetness and body of the coffee. Old School is ideal for those who prefer low acidity and full-body, with dark chocolate aromas and flavours of cocoa, caramel, and molasses.

Origins: Colombia Pasto Caldera : Caturra, Castillo, Colombia / 1950 - 2090 m.a.s.l (since March 29th, 2021) Ethiopia Biftu Gudina: Local Heirloom / 1850 - 2000 m.a.s.l. (since February 17th, 2021 )