49th Main St Cafe Location


Stay up to date with the latest 49th Parallel news and products. We are constantly evolving our product lines, coffees and more so stay tuned and keep an eye open for announcements.

New Coffee Releases

Here you will find videos from our new coffee releases. Tune in to learn more about our new weekly coffees.



Cold Brew Coffee Videos

49th Parallel has been product testing our cold brew coffee for its clean energy capabilities. Check in here to see rad people getting outside and tackling the outdoors. With the assistance of coffee + water. 

New Doughnut Release Videos

Here we are highlighting new products in our doughnut range, dive in to learn more about new products we have on offer in our dessert line up. Keep an eye out because we are always launching new products. 


Here we are highlighting our new sustainable bags. 49th Parallel is proud to announce that we have made the switch to sustainable packaging for all of our 12oz coffee bags.