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Aeropress Go Bundle


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Coffee on the go? Introducing 49th's Aeropress Travel Bundle featuring the Aeropress Travel Go Kit (comes with filters), Custom 10.5oz 49th Mug and a pack of Longitude 123 beans to help you stay caffeinated on your next trip! 

Limited bundles available, sorry no coffee substitutions, while supplies last. 


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Product Details
  • Aeropress Go
  • 49th 10.50z top-selling Mug
  • 1 bag of Longitude 123°W Blend 12oz

Coffee Details

  • Longitude 123°W Blend
  • Coffee Description: Longitude 123°W is a medium roast, created to be sweet and flavourful throughout the year, reflecting the freshest coffees of the season.
  • Blends Origins: Varies