Brazil Recanto Dos Tucanos

Brazil Recanto Dos Tucanos



    We are incredibly excited to be launching our second “Small Lot Series” coffee, Brazil Recanto Dos Tucanos. This coffee comes from Alto Caparao, Minas Gerais which is located near Caparao National Park, the third highest mountain in Brazil. The Valerio family bought a piece of land and began growing various types of fruit between the old coffee plants that were left on the property. It was this practice of planting multiple species together that led Willians Valerio Jr. to learn about Syntropic Farming and that is what makes this natural coffee so special.

    Syntropic Farming or Agroforestry is the method of using principles that are all based on nature and the dynamic of the forest. The organic matter is the source of nutrients and insects are controlled naturally through biodiversity. By planting the right combination of plants and other species together at the same time you get much healthier plants with healthier fruits and you can taste this in the cup.

    This is our first purchase of “BSCA Micro Region Showcase” Brazil Recanto dos Tucanos. We think it is a very bold, diverse coffee that has been grown with incredible care. You can expect flavours of Gooseberry and Orange Flower with a nectarine like acidity.

    For all filter coffees we recommend the following parameters:

    • Brewing ratio: 1g coffee to 16-17g water
    • Slurry temperature (coffee+water): 200 - 205 ̊F / 93 - 96 ̊C
    • Extraction: 20 - 21%
    • TDS 1.38-1.41%

    Product Details

    • Producer: Willians Valerio Jr.
    • Country: Brazil
    • Region: Alto Caparaó
    • Elevation: 1300 m.a.s.l.
    • Variety: Yellow Catuai
    • Harvest Year: 2018
    • Roast Level: Light Filter Roast