Guatemala Don Angel Single Origin Espresso Guatemala Don Angel Single Origin Espresso

Guatemala Don Angel Single Origin Espresso




We’re proud to introduce our second lot this year from the Vides family, Don Angel. 

La Bolsa farm, owned by the Vides/Ovalle family since 1958, is located in the La Libertad region,Guatemala. When entering the area of the farm where this lot is from, a small tunnel opens out into a lush green valley, with San Ramon and Caturra planted on either side. Special coffees grow here. Both of these coffees will ripen very slowly, developing into very sweet fruit at the peak of harvest. 

You can expect the same deep complexity and sweetness in the cup as previous offerings. This lot in particular has been grown in an exceptional microclimate, surrounded by the native trees growing on the mountain. 

The Vides family’s continuous focus on quality, and their sense of social responsibility (they maintain a full school and access to health care for the local community), make us excited to work with La Bolsa for another year.

This espresso has a plush mouthfeel, brown sugar-like sweetness and notes of black cherry. 

For all espresso we recommend the following parameters (for an 18g VST Precision Filter Basket):

  • 18 grams of freshly ground coffee
  • Timer for 28-32 seconds
  • Pull 37-39 grams of liquid espresso
  • Grouphead at 200° F
  • 9 bars of pressure

Product Details

  • Producer: Renardo Ovalle - Vides:
  • Country: Guatemala: -
  • Region: Huehuetenango
  • Elevation: 1750 m.a.s.l.
  • Variety: Catura, San Ramon
  • Roast Level: Light Espresso Roast