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Espresso Drinking Set

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Looking for the perfect gift for the Espresso Lover in your life? Look no further and gift them a Holiday Espresso Drinking Set featuring a 10.5oz 49th Mug and a bag of our Holiday Espresso, a Single Origin Direct Trade Espresso - La Bendicion. 

Limited bundles available, sorry no coffee substitutions. 


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Product Details
  • 49th 10.5oz Mug
  • 1 bag of Holiday Espresso 12oz
Coffee Details

Holiday Espresso La Bendicion


Coffee Description: The perfect Single Origin Espresso to celebrate this Holiday Season!

In this espresso from La Bendicion, you can expect deep fruits and darker herbal notes reminiscent of root beer or licorice with a superb, rich and syrupy mouthfeel. 

Origins: Honduras, Santa Barbara / Pacas, Bourbon.