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Peru La Peña Blanca



La Pena Blanca is another great coffee farm located at 1800 masl in Cajamarca region near the remote district of Colasay. Roxana Rafael is a third generation farmer, and took over La Peña Blanca farm five years ago. With the help of her family, they have started producing exceptional coffees. This lot was harvested in August from a 4 hectare plot. This lot is wash processed with 12 hours of dry fermentation, 8-10 days of drying in the shade followed by 3-4 days in the sun. Roxana's goals are to improve the coffee quality each year and to buy a house in her town. For now, she is hiring three permanent staff who are helping her out with picking, sorting and processing.

This year's selection of our Peru offering, thanks to Cup of Excellence, has become much stronger and more exciting than ever before. Over the years it has been proved that microlots from Peru are becoming a strong point on the map.

The result is a cup full of ripe dark fruits, very complex with notes of plum and blackberry.

For all filter coffees we recommend the following parameters:

  • Brewing ratio: 1g coffee to 16-17g water
  • Slurry temperature (coffee+water): 200 - 205 ̊F / 93 - 96 ̊C
  • Extraction: 20 - 21%
  • TDS 1.38-1.41%

Product Details

  • Producer: Roxana Rafael
  • Country: Peru
  • Region: Cajamarca
  • Elevation: 1800 m.a.s.l.
  • Variety: Bourbon, Catimor
  • Harvest Year: 2018
  • Roast Level: Light Filter Roast