Phoenix 70 Brewer

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    Handmade in Salt Lake City, Utah by Saint Anthony Industries, the Phoenix 70 Brewer is a minimalist approach to brewing coffee based on fundamentals of geometry, physics and chemistry. It is a  framework to support a paper filter. 

    The paper filter and the Phoenix together create the geometry of the brew column. The geometry of the brew column is a key element in the coffee brewing process. By changing the shape of the brew column you will alter the characteristics of the coffee that is brewed through it.

    Depending on the type of the coffee being brewed, volume of desired output, and targeted cup profile there is a corresponding  brew column shape that will optimize your success in brewing.

    Height Matters! In an average 24 gram coffee brew with a standard 60 degree cone shape, the dry brew column is 2.25 inches tall. In an average 24 gram coffee brew with a 70 degree cone shape, the dry brew column is 3 inches tall. The 70 degree brew column is 33 percent taller, causing the brew water to travel further through the brew column. Therefore, by increasing the height of the brew column you are increasing the water to coffee contact. All else being constant, increasing the water to coffee contact results in more extraction of coffee solubles.

    Secondly, the brew column serves as a filter. As the water moves through, coffee matter is carried downward. Most of the non-soluble matter is eventually trapped within the column, therefore acting as the primary filtering mechanism for the brew. The taller the brew column, the more non soluble coffee matter will stay in the brew column, resulting in higher cup clarity.

    In short, a taller brew column can help achieve higher extraction yields of coffee solubles and enhance cup clarity.

    20 complimentary custom paper filters are included with each Phoenix ordered.

    For all filter brewing methods we recommend a 1:16-17 gram coffee to water ratio.

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