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Rwanda Matyazo

Blackberry Green Apple Herbal

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With bright apple notes, herbal complexity, a tart blackberry character, and a vibrant mouthfeel, we knew we had to showcase this true Rwandan standout.

    Product Details

    • Producer: Matyazo Washing Station
    • Country: Rwanda
    • Region: Ngororero District, Matyazo
    • Elevation: 1730 m.a.s.l.
    • Variety: Bourbon
    • Roast Level: Light Filter Roast
    Sourcing Story

    49th Parallel Crop To Cup Story

    In Western Rwanda's Ngororero district, the Matyazo Coffee Washing Station supports the region's smallholder farmers, many of whom own less than a quarter hectare of coffee trees. Founded in 2009 and located over 1700 meters above sea level, the station serves 375 farmers. Because these farms range in altitude, the washing station must also operate for longer than usual during the harvest season.

    Due to the variety of lots Matyazo receives, each is dried, processed, and cupped separately to determine quality. This lot is a washed, Bourbon varietal we found very exciting. Rwanda is an uncommon origin in our rotation, but we couldn’t miss the chance to showcase this spectacular coffee and we look eagerly forward to seeing what Matyazo has in store for us in the future

    Brew Guides

    Brew Method

    Brewing ratio: 1g coffee to 16-17g water / Slurry temperature (coffee+water): 200 - 205 ̊F / 93 - 96 ̊C / Extraction: 20 - 21% / TDS 1.38-1.41%