About Us

At 49th Parallel we call the Pacific Northwest home. Our company was founded in 2004 by brothers Vince and Michael Piccolo. With a history in the coffee industry they were ready to start their next adventure, taking specialty coffee to the next level in Vancouver, B.C. The company started small but with years of dedication to growing a customer base 49th Parallel stands high in the ranks as one of Canada’s best specialty coffee companies. 

You can now find 49th Parallel at our 3 locations around Vancouver. Each cafe has been fit out to fit the vibe of the surrounding locations but still staying true to our 49th creative image. Our cafes are a showcase for our coffee, doughnuts and service. We source, roast, brew and serve coffee we believe in and make doughnuts from scratch to compliment. 

We are a group of hard working individuals but we don’t end there, we just begin. We are creative, loyal, adventurers, hikers, campers, backpackers, out of towners and so much more. We have the utmost respect for the coffee industry around the world and the millions of hours that go into creating the perfect coffee. 

Our loyal customer base has been built up over years of hard work and dedication to creating the highest quality cup of coffee. We want our customers to experience the wonders of great coffee we bring to the PNW from our partners at origin. We spend countless months each year going direct to the farms to strengthen old relationships and build new ones. Direct trade coffee is what separates 49th Parallel from other specialty coffee roasters in Canada.