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Brew Guides

  • Home Espresso

    Home Espresso

    WHAT YOU'LL NEED: Double Shot: 18g coffee / 36-40g liquid Espresso / 28-32 seconds* Grind: Fine Featuring: Breville Barista Express STEP 1: DOSE 18G OF COFFEE INTO YOUR BASKET Palm tap the sides of the portafilter to level out the...

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  • Batch Brewing Refined

    Batch Brewing Refined

    WHAT YOU'LL NEED: 30g of Coffee  500g  Water Grind: Medium-Fine  Brew Ratio: 1:7  STEP 1: PRE-WET FILTER WITH HOT WATER Water Temp: 96-98˚ C / 204-208˚ F STEP 2: ADD 30G OF MEDIUM-FINE GROUND COFFEE  STEP 3: ADD 500ML...

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  • Instant Coffee

    Instant Coffee

    COFFEE + WATER = INSTANT GREATNESS WHAT YOU'LL NEED: 1 Sachet Coffee (5g). 8-10oz Water Water Temperature: 160ºF/ 70ºC   IT'S THAT EASY: Stir & Enjoy!             Want to Know More About our Instant Coffees? Learn Here Shop...

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  • Instant Iced Latte

    Instant Iced Latte

    INGREDIENTS 1x 49th Instant Coffee Sachet 2oz x Hot Water 6-8oz x Milk or Milk Alternative Ice   STEP 1: ADD ONE INSTANT COFFEE SACHET TO A GLASS Add 2oz of hot water and stir until dissolvedWater Temp: 96-98˚ C...

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  • Aeropress Iced Coffee

    Aeropress Iced Coffee

    STEP 1: GRIND COFFEE  Grind: Grind 30g of coffee finely. Rinse the filter. Invert Aeropress and add coffeeWater Temp: 96-98˚ C / 204-208˚ F STEP 2: ADD 100G BOILING WATER Ratio: 30g (coffee) to 260g (100 hot water, 80g room temp water, 80g...

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    STEP 1: GRIND COFFEE & BOIL WATER Grind: Grind a little finer than you normally would for your pour-over. Rinse the filter with hot water over your sink (not into decanter, we don't want to preheat)Water Temp: 96-98˚ C / 204-208˚...

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  • Pour Over

    Pour Over

    STEP 1: GRIND COFFEE & BOIL WATER Grind: Medium FineWater Temp: 96-98˚ C / 204-208˚ F   STEP 2: PRE-WET FILTER & ADD COFFEE  Ratio: 20g Coffee, 330g Water, 1:16.5 Brew RatioPre-wet filter with hot water. Place V60 + Decanter onto...

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