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Free Shipping on orders over $60
49th Parallel Coffee Roastery



Long term relationships

Quality and Sustainability

49th Parallel Coffee Sourcing

Part commitment, part mechanism, part exploration with the goal of building strong relationships resulting in sustainable prices being paid for one of a kind coffees. This is an open source concept where we push the boundaries of transparency, engage with producer partners in long term relationships, focus tirelessly on quality, and ultimately create impressive coffees with real impact. We aspire to make every coffee we source a mechanism for positive change in the coffee industry and coffee communities around the globe.

Since 2004, 49th has been an industry leader in building meaningful relationships between coffee grower and coffee roaster, with the goal of offering unique, memorable coffees to our customers. We have seen positive change on multiple fronts in the coffee industry in the past decade and a half, with notable improvements to quality and innovation, along with a growing consumer base that embraces the hard work and dedication required to produce the best coffees in the world.

Nevertheless the coffee world still faces significant challenges related to climate change and artificially low coffee prices that force farmers into a cycle of poverty, and as such, 49th continues to engage with this complex system in thoughtful ways to help bring about positive change.
We have shared, and will continue to share details on the coffees we source and how together with our partners we are investing in quality and sustainability at the farm level. Many of our relationships span a decade or more, with our coffee team communicating frequently with our partners around the world and visiting each year to meet face to face, tour farms and discuss opportunities for future growth. With each of our producer partnerships we focus on quality — cupping coffees frequently, calibrating with our partners, celebrating successes and providing critical feedback — all in the spirit of continual innovation and improvement.

For the future 49th remains fully committed to the work pioneered by our original Direct Trade Sourcing Philosophy and strives to offer meaningful solutions to the challenges faced by coffee communities around the world.

49th is committed to sourcing as much of our coffee as possible from Crop to Cup partners, growing with them from season to season. A portion of our coffee comes from new suppliers as well as quality contests and auctions through trusted supply networks - with a similar focus on transparency, quality and sustainability. Many of these New Relationships turn into long term partnerships over the years.

Carlos Guamanga

Huila, Colombia

Carlos Guamanga is a young and innovative coffee-grower, who has been partnering with 49th for five years now. Carlos is passionate about sustainability and careful and ethical stewardship of his land. 

Luis Pedro Zelaya

Antigua, Guatemala

We have been partnering with Luis Pedro Zelaya for over a decade, sourcing coffees from the various farms/projects he manages in Antigua Guatemala, including San Juan, Pulcal and Poaquil. With an eye towards superior quality and sustainable agronomy, Luis Pedro's coffees are staple 49th offerings. 

Natividad Benitez

Santa Barbara, Honduras

Natividad Benitez grows both Pacas and Bourbon varieties on his farm El Ocotillo. In 2005, Natividad won the prestigious Honduras Cup of Excellene, a competition for the best coffee in Honduras. Natividad has been a partner with 49th for 9 years now and his coffee is only getting better.Showcase up to five testimonials to build trust with potential customers.