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  • Single Origin Espresso

    Honduras Finca Arianita Espresso

    Black Currant Dried Fruit Plum
    from $21.00

    DIRECT TRADE COFFEE Description Finca Arianita is dominated by dark fruits like black currant and plum, complimented by a dried fruit sweetness and...

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  • Single Origin Espresso

    Brazil Sitio Canaã Espresso

    Cacao Nibs Molasses Vanilla
    from $19.75

    DIRECT TRADE Description In this espresso from Sítio Canaã look forward to a very high body, velvety mouthfeel, and lower acidity profile. Expect n...

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  • Best Seller
    Single Origin Espresso

    Epic Espresso

    Clean Floral Sweet
    from $18.00

    DIRECT TRADE COFFEE Description Looking for a clean espresso with bright floral notes? Epic Espresso is roasted to highlight these characteristics ...

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