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    Single Origin Espresso

    Kenya Kapsokisio

    Red Currant Rosehip Winey
    from $21.00

    DIRECT TRADE COFFEE Description Kapsokisio presents typical Kenyan flavors and intensity, with notes of blackberry and fruit jam, winey acidity, an...

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  • Single Origin Espresso

    Guatemala Pena Blanca

    Dried Fruit Macadamia Syrupy
    from $20.50

    DIRECT TRADE COFFEE Description This Guatemala Peña Blanca is made up of cherries picked from Finca El Rincon, predominantly Caturra and Bourbon va...

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  • Best Seller
    Single Origin Espresso

    Epic Espresso

    Clean Floral Sweet
    from $18.00

    DIRECT TRADE COFFEE Description Looking for a clean espresso with bright floral notes? Epic Espresso is roasted to highlight these characteristics ...

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