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Free shipping on orders over $60
Brewing Equipment

VARIA AKU Scale Black

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The Varia AKU Scale is loaded with advanced features, normally exclusive to higher priced weighing plates. The AKU offers auto-taring, auto-timing as well as full-manual mode, to meet the needs of both home and pro baristas.

Small enough to put in your pocket, the AKU can detect weights from 0.3g to 3.1kg, charges via USB-C and comes with easy-to-select (and audible) buttons and a physical on/off switch, reducing the chance of an accidental resets and power-downs.

The ultra clear, 9-digit LED display, IPX5 water resistance, and small footprint that will fit most espresso machine drip trays, makes the Varia AKU a perfect scale for both pourover and espresso brewing.

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