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  • New! Release
    Single Origin Filter

    Brazil Sitio Canaã

    Hazelnut Butter Raisin Soft
    from $23.00

    DIRECT TRADE Description This lot is dominated by a heavy syrupy body and exceptional mouthfeel, with rich chocolatey, hazelnut notes and a dried f...

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  • New! Release
    Single Origin Filter

    Honduras Benjamin Paz

    Cashew Jaffa Cake Liquorice
    from $21.50

    DIRECT TRADE Description In this lot from Benjamin, you can expect notes of liquorice and cashew, a sweetness that reminded us of a cake or pastry,...

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  • Instant Coffee

    Latitude Decaf

    Almond Golden Raisin Pineapple

    DIRECT TRADE COFFEE Description Introducing 49th's first specialty instant coffee... simply pour, stir and enjoy! We know it’s hard to find delicio...

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  • Gift Set

    Single Origin Filter Tasting Set

    Costa Rica Ethiopia Kenya

    DIRECT TRADE COFFEE Description Can't decide on just one coffee? Try a variety of our favorite Single Origin Filter coffees in this new Tasting set...

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  • Best Seller

    Old School Espresso

    Caramel Dark Chocolate Nuts
    from $18.00

    DIRECT TRADE COFFEE Description Old School Espresso is 49th's most traditional espresso, with a Pacific Northwest twist! Roasted medium-dark, it hi...

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  • Decaf

    Decaf Colombia Magdalena

    Almond Pineapple Raisin
    from $20.00

    DIRECT TRADE COFFEE Description This single origin decaf coffee was decaffeinated at the Descafecol plant in Manizales, Colombia, through a special...

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  • Decaf

    Decaf Swiss Water Process

    Cashew Nutmeg Sugarcane
    from $19.00

    DIRECT TRADE COFFEE Description The Swiss Water Process involves first soaking the coffee in pure water. The resulting green coffee extract is the...

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