Thurlow St Location

Why is our Thurlow location so special? It’s the only location that serves a savory menu along with our doughnuts.

In the fall of 2017, 49th Parallel opened the doors of our third location in the heart of Downtown Vancouver. Situated at the corner of West Georgia and Thurlow St. the opening marked the start of a new ambitious project for the 49th and Lucky’s team.

The inspiration for the new project came when one of our founders, Vince, and his wife Marisa traveled to Santa Monica, California where they experienced fresh, delicious made- to-order breakfasts and lunches. They thought this was something that would do well in Vancouver.

Thurlow Cafe features a unique small kitchen where egg burgers, Brunch Plates and various toast items are topped with fresh seasonal ingredients. It attracts all sorts of crowds and it has become a go to spot for many people who work nearby and want to enjoy a top notch cafe experience.