Nicaragua Cascara - Coffee Cherry Tea Nicaragua Cascara - Coffee Cherry Tea Nicaragua Cascara - Coffee Cherry Tea

Nicaragua Cascara - Coffee Cherry Tea

2.5 oz / 71 g or 8 oz / 228 g
Coffee Cherry Tea


Tea Amount: 5 g / 1 tbsp
Water Temp: 97°C / 207°F
Water Amount: 450 g / 15.9 oz / 2 cups
Steep Time: 3:00

Coffee is a fruit about the size of a cranberry, and traditionally in Yemen, the practice of drying the part of the fruit left behind from depulping the coffee seeds, and making an infusion with hot water was a very common practice. Cascara means “husk” in Spanish, and is commonly repurposed as a means of providing nutrients for coffee plants on farms.

Finca Santa Maria in Matagalpa & Jinotega has decided to prepare some cascara from their naturally processed coffee. After rinsing the cherries, the coffee is then dried slowly over a period of 6-8 weeks.  After dry milling their naturals at Las Nubes Dry mill, they collect the skins. This is an alternative way compared to collecting the skin after pulping the coffee in the wet milling machines and then laying it out to dry. As a result, the appearance of this cascara is in more pieces, but a happy side effect is more ability for a strong extraction. Taking cascara from dried naturals adds another step in the selection process as they are hand sorting the coffee multiple times while on raised beds allowing for a more evenly ripe result. Comparatively, when wet milling, the skins are coming from each and every cherry that is wet milled ripe or not. In the cup, this cascara is surprisingly syrupy and bright.

There is some caffeine content in this tea-like drink, though not nearly as much as coffee, so keep that in mind when you are enjoying it.

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