Decaf Colombia Magdalena - Single Origin Espresso

Decaf Colombia Magdalena - Single Origin Espresso


        Our coffee is decaffeinated at the Descafecol plant in Manizales, Colombia by using a specialized “combination procedure” utilizing water and ethyl acetate derived from sugar cane molasses. Ethyl acetate is an ester that is found naturally in several fruits and vegetables and Manizales is known for its many sugar cane plantations, making great use of a local product. Ethyl acetate’s low boiling point enables a gentle caffeine extraction from the coffee bean, while pressure or excessive heat treatment are avoided and the natural structure of the green coffee bean cells are retained.

        This lot is comprised from groups of smallholder producers in Huila, Nariño, and Quindío. These particular groups are very important for us, as they are committed to producing high-quality specialty

        To see our straightforward approach to making delicious espresso, click here.

        For all espresso we recommend the following parameters (for an 18g VST Precision Filter Basket):

          • 18 grams of freshly ground coffee
          • Timer for 28 - 32 seconds
          • Pull 37 - 39 grams of liquid espresso
          • Grouphead at 200° F
          • 9 bars at machine gauge
        • Producer: Varies
        • Country: Varies
        • Region: Varies
        • Elevation: Varies
        • Coordinates: Varies
        • Variety: Varies
        • Harvest Year: Current crop