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Panama Abu Coffee (6oz)

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For 2023 we selected a washed lot from Abu. While some washed Panamanian geishas show bergamot citrus, we have consistently found a beautiful mandarin note in the washed geisha from Abu. This year's lot is no different, with loads of citrus and floral notes throughout.


Abu Geisha returns to 49th! This was the coffee that launched the Small Lot Series program, first being purchased in the 2018 Best of Panama auction. We were impressed with the coffee’s character and reached out to producer José Luttrell to continue to source this coffee directly. We have since developed a strong relationship and visit the farm each year. Jose’s family history goes back to the very beginnings of coffee in Panama, his great great grandfather having been one of the first large producers and exporters in Boquete. Yet, over the years the family farms changed hands, the kids and grandkids took jobs in the city or abroad, and the focus shifted away from coffee. Jose was no exception, studying engineering in the US, living and working there for many years, before returning to continue his engineering career in the thriving metropolis of Panama City. He was drawn back to coffee after his father took him to visit their farm in Cañas Verdes, around the time that geisha was being rediscovered, in the early 2000s. These experiences – the family history, the exciting potential of geisha, which took the coffee world by storm - motivated Jose and his father to invest in the farm, spending more and more time there together. Unfortunately Jose’s father, known affectionately as “Abu” died a few years later, and Jose was left with the responsibility to carry on the legacy, which he has done with a deep sense of purpose. Abu Geisha is located in the region of Cañas Verdes, Boquete in western Panama. Here José’s trees grow in rich fertile soil on the slopes of Barú Volcano National park. They are naturally shaded from the sun by native trees that grow in harmony with local flora and fauna. The conditions here are almost perfect for coffee growing and lead to exceptional cup quality.


Brew Method

1 gram of freshly ground coffee to 16-17g water / Slurry temperature (coffee+water): 200 - 205 ̊F – 93 - 96 ̊C / Extraction: 20 - 21% / TDS 1.38-1.41%


  • Producer: José Guillermo Luttrell Pretto (Jr.).
  • Country: Panama
  • Region: Boquete, Cañas Verdes
  • Elevation: 1550 m.a.s.l.
  • Variety: Geisha
  • Process Method: Washed
  • Roast Level: Light Filter Roast