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Instant Coffee: Why You Should Try - 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters

Instant Coffee: Why You Should Try

49th Parallel Instant Coffee is your best way to get high-quality specialty coffee anywhere, at any time!


What is Instant Coffee?

Simply put, instant coffee is soluble that has been extracted out of the coffee beans. Instant coffee is fully water-soluble and no further extraction is required to prepare a delicious cup of coffee. We will be rotating different coffees throughout the year to keep things fresh and because coffees are very seasonal and often comes from small lots around the world. At this time, we are offering 2 different Ethiopian coffees from different regions as well as one decaffeinated coffee:

Middle Ground (Ethiopia Biftu)

African Tribute (Ethiopia Worka Sakaro)

Latitude Decaf (Decaf Colombia Magdalena)


Why Instant Coffee?

The easiest and simplest way to make a good cup of coffee without purchasing any expensive coffee equipment! Just need a packet of 49th instant coffee, a cup, a spoon, and hot water and you will never mess up.

Shelf Life

We suggest 2 years from once it’s processed as long as packets are stored in a dry cool place. Best before dates are printed in every sachet.


The History Behind Our Instant Coffee and How It's Made

Historically, instant coffee manufacturers have prioritized quantity over quality. There are only a handful of manufacturing plants around the world and they do an incredible job producing a lot of instant coffee very cheaply. Unfortunately, for most discerning consumers, this coffee is barely drinkable and has been dismissed by the Specialty Markets for good reason. The use of highly efficient but aggressive manufacturing practices strips the coffee of any nuance the coffee may have had. Aside from the taste preferences, most instant coffee does not meet ethical sourcing standards set by Specialty Coffee. Most often the lowest grade commodity coffees (Robusta) are used in instant coffee production; past crop and defective coffees that are then roasted very darkly.

To create our instant coffee, we partnered with Swift Cup Coffee where they use their innovative freeze-drying process on our coffee beans, preserving and locking in each coffee's unique flavour profiles.

Packaging Materials

The single-serve sachets are made utilizing 60% compostable materials by weight. The remaining material has an additive that will allow the material to break down in an estimated 5-10 years compared to 1000 with conventional plastics.

The box is fully recyclable.


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