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Oat Milk Latte

Oat Milk Latte


  • 1 shot of espresso (18g ground coffee in, 39g liquid espresso out)

  • 120ml / 4oz of oat milk steamed to 60-65°C low foam (latte-like)

  • Recommended Espresso: Middle School Espresso


  1. Fill the portafilter with freshly ground 49th coffee and tamp down firmly.
  2. Lock the portafilter into the machine and place your cup under the spout.
  3. Start the extraction process and watch the espresso shot as it pours out of the portafilter into the cup, aiming for an Extraction time of 28-30s without pre-infusion, 30-32s with it.
  4. Heat the oat milk in a pitcher using a steam wand or frother until it is heated through and frothy. Ideal temperature is 60-65°C with low foam.
  5. Gently tap the pitcher on a flat surface to eliminate any large bubbles.
  6. Pour the frothed oat milk into the espresso shot, holding back the foam with a spoon until the cup is almost full.
  7. Spoon the remaining foam on top of the latte.


  • *If your espresso machine runs lower than 9 bars pressure, then your target extraction time should be increased accordingly
  • If shot is too fast: grind finer = slower extraction
  • If shot is too slow: grind coarser = faster extraction
  • If using dairy milk, add extra 30ml / 1oz (total of 150ml / 5oz) of milk and steam 5°C hotter than oat milk.


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