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49th Rewards

Q: What is the "49th Rewards" program and how can I join?

A: 49th Rewards is our online tiered loyalty program designed to show appreciation for our loyal customers' support, offering benefits such as Free Shipping Rewards, $40 Free Shipping Threshold, Birthday Rewards, Early Access to Launches, Double Point Days, and more.

Customers can join the 49th Rewards Program by creating an online account with us. If customers already have an existing 49th account, they will be automatically enrolled in the program.


Q: How does the 49th Rewards program work?

A: Customers can accumulate points (1 point = $1 spent) for all online purchases, including coffee and Brew Gear. Additionally, there are several ways to help you earn points more quickly:

  • 25 points upon signing up for the 49th Rewards Program.
  • 25 points for following us on social media.
  • 25 points for each verified review.
  • 25 points for sharing your birthday with us and receiving a gift on your birthday.

Customers can then redeem 49th Parallel Roasters Gift Cards for online orders (500 points = $10 Gift Card) and other rewards.

  • Referral: Customers will receive $10 store credit for successfully referring a friend who makes their first purchase. The referred friend will also enjoy $10 off their next purchase.


Q: What benefits can I receive from the 49th Rewards program?

A: Upon joining the 49th Rewards Program, customers can start collecting points to redeem online gift cards. Additionally, there are four VIP tiers – Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Customers can advance to a higher tier by purchasing a certain amount of products and enjoy tier-specific benefits such as Free Shipping Rewards, $40 Free Shipping Threshold, Birthday Rewards, and more. Please check here for more information.

Moreover, customers can directly enjoy the most exclusive Platinum-tier rewards by purchasing an annual Platinum-tier VIP membership ($150/year).

Q: Can I collect points from and use my rewards at 49th Café locations?

A: The "49th Rewards” Program is currently only available for our online store. However, we are exploring the possibility of extending our 49th Rewards Program to our 49th Café soon. Please stay tuned to our newsletter for updates.

Q: How long are 49th Rewards points and tiers valid?

A: 49th Rewards points will reset every 2 years. Additionally, when customers reach a certain tier, a dynamic 24-month period will commence. Depending on the amount customers spend within the rolling year, they can either advance to the next tier, revert to a previous tier, or remain at the same tier.

Q: Can I use my 49th Rewards coupons on my subscription orders?


You can apply your Rewards coupon, such as Free Shipping Rewards, to your recurring subscription orders. Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Customer Portal on our online store.
  2. In your Customer Portal, choose a subscription order (either the next subscription or upcoming subscriptions) you want to manage.
  3. Add your 49th Rewards coupon in the "Add discount" section.

If you encounter any difficulty applying your 49th Rewards to your subscription orders, we are here to help. Just let us know via email!


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