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General Questions

General Questions

Q: Does coffee come ground or in whole beans?

A: Our coffee is always shipped in whole bean form to ensure you are getting the freshest and best quality coffee.

Q: What is my coffee bag's expiry date?

A: For online orders, the bottom of your coffee bag will have a roast date sticker since we ship straight out of the Roastery and our coffee is roast-to-order. would be the platform to receive the freshest coffee. 


Other retailers that sell our coffee bags will have the expiry or best-before date sticker.

To note:

Our bags are packed immediately after roasting and nitrogen flushed for long shelf life. That means they are best consumed 15+ days after roasting.

About our packaging:

At 49th our coffee quality is of utmost importance. Our coffee is nitrogen flushed and vacuum sealed, as long as the bag remains unopened there will be almost no deterioration in quality up until about the 6-month mark! After that, you may notice a difference in quality, but the coffee is still safe to consume.

Q: How can I dispose 49th coffee bag?

A: To dispose of the Biotre bag, the valve and twist tie must be taken off, then the remainder of the bag can go into a home compost system or (in some cases) the municipal compost system.

We advise that you double check with your municipality before throwing these bags in the compost. 60% of the bags (mainly the outer layer) will quickly compost, and the other 40% is made of plant-based materials that break down more slowly.

If your city does not take the bag in the compost the best bet is to throw it into your regular garbage. Thankfully the bags will still break down in the landfill. You can find more information here:

Q: I bought a 5lb bag. How long do I have before the freshness starts to decline?
A: We suggest you consume your coffee within 3-4 weeks of opening the bag. It helps if you could separate the 5lb bag into a week worth portions and keep them closed until you need them again. 

Here is a blog on how to keep your coffee fresh in case you'd like to learn more!

Q: I'm interested in starting a Wholesale partnership with 49th. What should I do?

A: Please contact us at We will have a form ready to be filled out!

*It will help us out beforehand, if you know the weekly volume estimates (lbs).

To be eligible for our Wholesale program, accounts need to meet a weekly minimum of 10lbs or more.

 Q: I want to send a gift. Do you pack orders with prices or an invoice?

A: Not at all. 

All our orders are packed with a packing slip that does not include order value or pricings. This makes our parcels gift friendly.

If you would like to receive an invoice, please reach out at and we will be happy to email a pdf.

Q: Can I include a message card in my gift order?

A: Absolutely! Please reach out to us here and send us the message you want to include in your gift.

We will print it out as a gift message card and pack it in your parcel with the gift-friendly packing slip.



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