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Free Shipping on orders over $60

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Discover all 49th specialty coffees
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    Brazil Sitio Canaa

    Chocolate Milk Dried Fruit Quince

    from $26.00


    DIRECT TRADE COFFEE Description This spectacular lot from João Hamilton is a natural processed Sumatra varietal. It has fruity and tropical notes i...

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  • Middle School Espresso

    Cocoa Dried Fruit Toffee

    from $22.00


    DIRECT TRADE COFFEE Description Looking for a rich medium espresso with toffee & cocoa notes and dried fruit acidity. Middle School is roasted ...

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  • Organic Espresso Capsules

    Dried Fruit Nougat Walnut

    from $15.00


    DIRECT TRADE COFFEE Description Roasted medium-dark, enjoy a chocolaty caramel-type profile, perfect as your everyday espresso. Compostable Capsule...

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