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Coffees roasted to amplify sweetness, body, and intensity
  • Gift Set

    Single Origin Espresso Tasting Set

    11 reviews Brazil Cane Sugar Chocolate Milk Clean Fruit Jam Honduras Mulberry Stone Fruit Sweet

    DIRECT TRADE COFFEE Description Can't decide on just one coffee? Try a variety of our favourite Single Origin Espresso coffees in this new Tasting ...

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  • New! Release
    Single Origin Espresso

    Brazil Sitio Canaã Espresso

    11 reviews Butterscotch Chocolate Milk Hazelnut
    from $19.50

    DIRECT TRADE Description This is a lot of yellow bourbon grown by João Hamilton on his farm Sítio Canaã in Caconde, São Paulo. As espresso expect a...

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  • Signature Espresso Tasting Set - 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters
    Best Seller
    Gift Set

    Signature Espresso Tasting Set

    15 reviews Epic Espresso Middle School Espresso Old School Espresso

    DIRECT TRADE COFFEE Description New to 49th or looking for a special gift? Try our first-ever Espresso Tasting Set featuring 3 of our most popular ...

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