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Aeropress Iced Coffee - 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters

Aeropress Iced Coffee

Medium Coarse

30g coffee / 260g water (100g hot water, 80g cold water, 80g ice)

1:3.33 brew ratio, diluted to 1:8.67


Grind a little bit finer than you normally would for Aeropress. Rinse your filter and invert. Aeropress, add coffee, and shake to level the coffee.



Start timer. Add 100g of hot water to the coffee, and stir ~5 times, ensuring all grinds come in contact with water.



After 50 seconds, push down on the filter side to close off the space between the coffee and the filter. Flip the Aeropress back over your cup, and give it a light swirl. Slowly plunge the Aeropress for about 30 seconds.


 STEP 4:

Dilute with 80g cold water. Add 60-80g of ice, stir and enjoy!



● If your coffee tastes thin and lacks sweetness, grind finer

● If your coffee tastes heavy and dry, grind coarser


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