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Iced Chemex

Iced Chemex

This is a good way to use up the last bit of coffee that’s at the end of its freshness life!


  • Method: Chemex
  • 40g coffee / 600g water (350g hot water, 250g ice)
  • 1:8.75 brew ratio, diluted to 1:15

1. Grind a little bit finer than you normally would for your pour over

2. Rinse filter with hot water over your sink (not into decanter, we don’t want to preheat)

3. Put ice into your decanter

4. Pour coffee into the filter

5. Start timer

6. Pour 80g of hot water into your coffee to bloom

7. Vigorously swirl the coffee to wet all of the coffee

8. Let coffee bloom until the 45-50 second mark

9. Slowly pour the remaining hot water to reach 225g

10. Once drained, swirl the coffee until the ice stops melting

11. Pour over ice

12. Enjoy!

● If you end up with a warm liquid, increase your ice slightly (and decrease hot water by the same amount/weight)
● If you end up ice left over after your swirl, decrease your ice slightly (and increase hot water by the same amount/weight)
● If your coffee tastes thin and lacks sweetness, grind finer
● If your coffee tastes heavy and dry, grind coarser

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