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Free shipping on orders over $60
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49th X MiiR Camp Mug


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We are excited to offer a new 49th custom camp mug, available in black and white. This camp mug is extra large with a 12oz capacity for those big coffee sips. Perfectly paired with the Press-fit Slide Lid. Slide to cover the mouth opening when not in use for an extra dose of insulation and splash-proof peace of mind. Take your Camp Mug to-go and enjoy a delicious warm cup of coffee, hot or cold!

12oz capacity

Handwash Only

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Product Details

  • This Miir camp mug is made of single-wall stainless steel.
  • Enamel finish.
  • Features a rolled-back halo rim and a white interior.
  • Complete with a square side handle.
  • Size: holds 354mL (12 ounces).
  • This camp mug comes with a lid.