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    Honduras Benjamin Paz

    Cashew Jaffa Cake Liquorice
    from $21.50

    DIRECT TRADE Description In this lot from Benjamin, you can expect notes of liquorice and cashew, a sweetness that reminded us of a cake or pastry,...

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  • Honduras El Ocotillo

    Floral Lemon Peach
    from $20.75

    DIRECT TRADE COFFEE Description The clean and elegant cup profile from El Ocotillo this year has great character. In this espresso, expect a bright...

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    Honduras Piedras Amarillas

    Floral Lychee Stone Fruit
    from $23.25

    DIRECT TRADE COFFEE Description In his Pacas and Bourbon lots, you can expect the classic Santa Barbara magic in every cup. Elio’s coffees this yea...

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  • Gift Set

    Single Origin Filter Tasting Set

    Costa Rica Ethiopia Kenya

    DIRECT TRADE COFFEE Description Can't decide on just one coffee? Try a variety of our favorite Single Origin Filter coffees in this new Tasting set...

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