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Along with exceptional coffee, we pride ourselves in providing innovative and whole systems to support your business.

After 15 years of developing coffee programs with partners around the world while running coffee shops of our own, we have learned what it takes to thrive in the specialty coffee market.

We are passionate about sharing our collective knowledge with dreamers, community builders, and taste-makers in a brilliant network of coffee aficionados.

We have an amazing coffee sourcing program and long-standing relationships with the producers we work with. We’d love to hear from you! Our super responsive team is here to ensure that your every need is addressed.

Why Partner with 49th?

Be proud of the coffee you serve

Free-shipping on qualifying orders

Why Partner with 49th?

Why Partner with 49th?

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Hear From Our Community

We opened our cafe, Square 1 Coffee in the spring of 2016. After researching dozens of roasteries we found that 49th Parallel encapsulated our core values, and their focus on attention to quality is far above what we could find in most other roasters. Even more importantly, 49th Parallel has maintained exceptional quality in their product as well as their service and support. As a newer cafe we feel that their guidance made our business flourish far beyond what we could have imagined.

—  Brandy & Jonathon, Owners of Square 1 Coffee

Since 2008, 49th Parallel has been Café Myriade’s first and foremost provider of roasted coffee. This partnership has been successful throughout the years as 49th Parallel has always maintained the highest level of quality, has sourced some of the finest varieties, maintained consistency and has been a leader in the industry for supporting their clients no matter what size or volume. For us, 49th Parallel is not just a business associate, they are family.