We strive to create long lasting, and supportive relationships with our customers. We'll be there for you when you're looking for advice, equipment, training, and support. Here are some answers to questions people often have about our wholesale program.

Frequently Asked Questions

I could use some help training my staff. Does 49th offer education or training?
Yes, 49th Parallel offers training that can be tailored to your needs. For those who buy exclusively we'll sit down with you, and help you create a personalized training program that works for you.
Can you help me with buying equipment?
Yes, we've helped many people with the difficult task of choosing the right equipment. Our team can help you find the equipment that works for your business.
Can you help me service my equipment?
Yes, 49th Parallel has very knowledgeable technicians who are ready to help you. They are experienced with installations, repairs, and service of many brands of espresso machines, and grinders. If your cafe is outside of Vancouver we can help you locate a reliable technician in your area.
How does shipping work?
If you live in Vancouver we will deliver the coffee to you. If you live outside of Vancouver we work with UPS to get the coffee to you quickly so it stays fresh. We offer free ground shipping for orders over 40lbs for both Canada and USA. Contact us to find out how that works. Our coffee is vacuum pack and nitrogen flushed so it stays fresh longer.
Who can I ask when I have a question or need some support?
We are available to help you whenever you need it, any day of the week. We value our wholesale relationships, so one of our coffee educators will be there to provide support whenever you need it.