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Guatemala Bella Carmona

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This special regenerative lot is a washed process coffee that captures the essence and balance Antigua is known for. We love the red apple, brown sugar, cashew acidity and stone fruit on the finish.

Coffee For the Planet

A portion of the proceeds from our Guatemala Bella Carmona coffee will be donated to the farming community in Antigua to continue supporting Regenerative Farming.


This is a very special regenerative lot from the historic Bella Carmona farm, owned and managed by the Zelaya family for four generations. Bella Carmona sits between volcanoes “Vulcan de Agua” and “Vulcan de Fuego”, near the city of Antigua. Coffees from Bella Carmona are processed at the nearby mill also owned by the Zelayas, Beneficio Bella Vista. Over the past three years Luis Pedro Zelaya and his team have been converting Bella Carmona to regenerative agriculture, harnessing nature to produce world class coffees. This bold and exciting transition has lead to a dramatic reduction in the use of synthetic inputs, and an increase in soil health, biodiversity and water conservation. Luis Pedro is planning to convert all of Bella Carmona and the rest of his farms to regenerative agriculture over the next few years. We are excited to be able to offer one of the first lots from Bella Vista's regenerative program.


Brew Method

1gram of freshly ground coffee to 16-17g water / Slurry temperature (coffee+water): 200 - 205 ̊F – 93 - 96 ̊C / Extraction: 20 - 21% / TDS 1.38-1.41%


  • Producer: Luis Pedro Zelaya
  • Country: Guatemala
  • Region: Antigua
  • Elevation: 1500 m.a.s.l
  • Variety: Caturra
  • Process Method: Washed
  • Roast Level: Light Filter Roast