Our Bottled Products

It's been a long time coming, but our bottled drinks are readily available locally in Vancouver. Three delicious cold beverages, perfect for summer. 

If you are wondering where you can purchase our bottled beverages please get in touch with us at info@49thcoffee.com

Cold Brew

We take our time making Cold Brew, 48 hours to be exact.  This long, slow extraction produces a clean coffee with surprisingly low acidity. We source high quality coffee from Ethiopia and the end product is a creamy, chocolatey cold coffee with great body and natural sweetness. Best of all, it's bottled and ready for you to take on any adventure.

We don't add any additional sweeteners or dairy products to our cold brew, it's straight up coffee and water and it's delicious. 

Flavour Profile: CHOCOLATE // CREAMY // SMOOTH

Sparkling Cascara

Did you know that coffee is a fruit? Cascara is the dried fruit from the cherry that surrounds the coffee bean. Cascara has a unique and complex flavour profile completely different than what you would expect from a cup of brewed coffee. 

We get excited about our Sparkling Cascara because it is unlike anything we have tried before. We cold steep the Cascara to produce a cold tea. The tea is then infused with citra hops and organic stevia leaf to add some complexity and sweetness. The result is an incredibly refreshing, balanced sparkling tea. It's a must try. 


Head on over here to purchase Cascara tea.

Iced Tea

Light and refreshing, all natural and zero calories.

Cold steeped whole leaf black tea, a hint of citric acid for a lemony burst and organic stevia leaf for sweetness. Our Iced Tea is the perfect accompaniment for any sunny day. 

Flavour Profile:  FLORAL // CITRUS // CRISP

 All of our bottled beverages can be purchased at both our cafe locations in Vancouver.