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Single Origin Espresso

Honduras El Paraíso Espresso

Black Cherry Grape Jam Pomegranate
Limited Edition

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With this lot, Ovidio Gomez shows off some of our favourite characteristics of Santa Barbara coffee growing with an intense, articulated fruity character and great complexity.

In this espresso roast expects deep dark fruit notes, rich jammy sweetness and a heavy syrupy mouthfeel.

Product Details

  • Producer: Ovidio Gomez
  • Country: Honduras
  • Region: Los Planes, Santa Barbara
  • Elevation: 1600 m.a.s.l.
  • Variety: Yellow Catuai
  • Process Method: Washed
  • Roast Level: Light Espresso Roast
Sourcing Story

49th Parallel Crop To Cup Story

This is 49th’s first time having coffee in the house from Ovidio Gomez, who is located in Santa Barbara, Honduras. We discovered him on the cupping table back at 2019’s Best of Honduras (Late Harvest) auction and from it, secured 5 vacuum-packed boxes. We’re very happy to have the chance to be showcasing some different producers from one of our favourite growing regions.

This lot is 100% yellow catuai, a genetic hybrid of Caturra and Mundo Nova created in 1972 by the Instituto Agronomico (IAC) of Sao Paulo State in Campinas, Brazil. Now it can be found primarily in Costa Rica, Brazil, Guatemala and Honduras (where it now accounts for almost 50% of Arabica coffee cultivation).

Brew Guides

Brew Method

Brewing ratio: 18 grams of freshly ground coffee / Timer for 28 - 32 seconds / Pull 37 - 39 grams of liquid espresso / Grouphead at 200 - 201°F / 9 bars at machine gauge

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